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What is 'en plein air' ? ... 'En plein air' is a French term, meaning in the open air. Often used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

Have recently taken up and enjoying this way of painting. To be able to get away from the stress of everyday life, enjoying the wonderful world we live in and at the same time doing what I enjoy, what more could one ask for? Visiting places never been before, travelling to another country and painting and meeting 'new' friends - what life could be better?

Many times, artists take their paintings home to complete or perhaps, undertake a larger studio painting from their original small plein air study.

Yes, there are failures and ones not happy with. When this happens, all is not lost as those not able to be 'saved' can be wiped off and another painted over. Or kept to be taken back on another visit to complete. Disheartening sometimes, but all part and parcel of painting out on location.

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Painting on location photograph with umbrella and pochade

Thoroughly enjoying this way of painting, although the only thing slightly against is our weather where we may have five climates in one day. This is something all plein air artists around the world cope with - possibly making painting on location all the more challenging.

As mentioned in Wikipedia, French impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir advocated plein air painting, and much of their work was done outdoors in the diffuse light under a large white umbrella.

A plein air group has been set up in Auckland. If you would like to paint out and about with others, more information may be found at PAPNZ  

First day - one painting

oil painting en plein air Red Hill

Next day - same scene, another painting

oil painting en plein air Red Hill

'Chasing the light" is a well known expression in the world of plein air painting. Sometimes it's a momentary mixture of light, blending clouds with sky reflecting on the land. Of course one should feel an affinity with the scene to be painted and when this does happen, a painting normally emerges which is pleasing and am happy with.

Not for the faint hearted. plein air painting certainly challenges the painter, not only with the type of paint used to paint out in the open, but also having to cope with the environment, including flies, mosquitoes, bugs, cold, wind, rain, heat, onlookers and lack of facilities. Not to mention the equipment to be transported. Once tried though, one does become 'hooked'.

'en plein air' - painted on location

When one has a love/affinity with the scene, a painting normally emerges which is pleasing and happy with. These have been undertaken 'en plein air' - some totally completed at the location, others adjusted in studio.

Little Shoal Bay
Oil on loose canvas
Oil on board
Oil on board 12x12inches
Oil on canvas 30x30cm (12x12inches)
Shelley Bay
Oil on board. 19x30cm (7½"x12")
Karaka reflections
Oil on board 28cmx23cm (11"x9")
St Heliers Bay
Oil on board
Arkles Bay 1
Oil on loose canvas
Arkles Bay 2
Oil on loose canvas
Oil on board
Little Shoal Bay
Oil on board
Hunua Road creek
Oil on board 28cmx23cm (11"x9")
Artwork may have been completed on location or in the studio.
The Tor
Oil on board


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