PAINTINGS - oils | plein air | resin

Yellow rose acrylic painting

Originally when commencing my painting career I was known for scenes of pohutukawas and coastal waters.   Today, still undertaking those, my art mainly consists of studio mountain/lake scenes as well as oil paintings undertaken out on location, en plein air.  

In addition, I have fallen in love with contemporary resin painting The majority of my resin art representing aerial views of the ocean and land mass.

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oil paintings

Undertaken in a traditional manner, with many layers applied. This is a longer process as each layer needs to be totally dry, prior to painting over. Once dry, then a final protective finish is applied to help protect against environment. After twelve months it is recommended a final picture varnish be applied. I personally would recommend this to be a glossy finish, which will then bring out colours in the artwork.

en plein air

Paintings undertaken out on location may be completed either fully when on site, or perhaps brought back home to the studio, left to dry and then finishing touches/additions will be added. Producing a final artwork.
All my plein air artwork is left unframed leaving this decision up to the purchaser.   If needed, then am able to assist by recommending the type of frame which may suit the artwork being purchased.


This is undertaken using two liquids. Both measured quantities, with one mixing with the other and acting as a catalyst. Mixing needs to be undertaken quickly for three minutes and then colour is added. A face mask is worn as well as protective clothing. When a painting is being achieved a torch/flame is also applied in order to achieve various effects. This may entail a few layers of resin, with the final finish being shiny and glass-like. Being modern/contemporary in nature, this means framing is not required.