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My passion is painting with oils taking the viewer to places serene and peaceful, to a time prior to the intervention of man. Painting 'en plein air' (out on location) and modern/contemporary paintings undertaken using resin are also thoroughly enjoyed. Each being challenging in their own right.

Oil paintings may be from recollections of places visited. Other times, paintings develop. Not copying from photographs. Although, sometimes a photograph is used as a starting point, then rearrangement and additions to this are undertaken. As a consequence upon completion, an oil artwork may have a familiarity to the viewer of somewhere recognisable, yet not quite being the same.

Commissions are accepted.


 Painting on location at Torbay



Briefly... London born, travelling to New Zealand when young with my parents. Am told was always drawing with my mother's lipstick on everything from the age of two. However, simply did not enjoy what was taught in school with art when in New Zealand and stopped completely.

Eventually, after many years working and after stress in the corporate world, decided to take up drawing animal portraits in graphite whilst living in Australia on the Gold Coast and then in NZ on to painting.

Painting on a full-time basis, have been interviewed for news articles and artwork has appeared in calendars and on Television New Zealand's Praise Be programme. Paintings have been purchased by many corporate organisations as well as private individuals around the globe as well as New Zealand. Amongst these are oil companies in Texas, a castle in Britain, wedding in Hong Kong, corporate office in Tokyo, home in the Hampton's, beach front penthouse on the Gold Coast, luxury liner, business office in the Cayman Islands, London solicitors, as well as large medical insurers and solicitors in New Zealand.

Slight pause

A little while back a bad time in my life occurred with the illness/passing of my mother and after this was unable to pick up a brush to paint. Even the thought of painting was not there - continuing for well over four years.   So alien, as the force of needing to paint usually took over every second of each day.


Gradually a feeling to again start to paint happened. Searchng on the web saw a workshop offered in Perth, Australia with Leon Holmes for en plein air/knife painting.

Thought this would be a good way to get myself back into painting by trying something entirely different and travelling outside of New Zealand to do so.

Booked the workshop/flight, met wonderful people, lifelong friends and   ' fell in love with painting on location ' .

Leon was just starting out then, and I did mention to him during the workshop thought he would become a very well known artist - and was correct - as now he is sought after at many plein air events worldwide and attaining a 'name' for himself around the globe.


oil painting of three pears

Have since participated in other workshops - with internationally acclaimed Australian artists John Wilson and Warwick Fuller as well as New Zealand's plein air artist John Crump.

It was a pleasure to meet with each of these, to share painting days with them and for assisting me to get back on track and back to my  'love of painting' .


Paintings - oils | resin

Oil paintings are intended to take viewers to a world of peace and tranquility, long past - to a world away from today's exceedingly fast and complex environment, to a time prior to the intrusion of man. Undertaken in a more traditional manner, with many layers applied, each layer needs to dry, prior to applying the next, consequently taking days to dry dependant upon thickness or colour of paint. Palette knives may also be used.

image of painting of New Zealand artwork
image of painting of New Zealand artwork

Totally opposite to oils, artwork involving resin is very modern and contemporary in nature, mostly of the ocean. One needs to wear protective clothing including facemask, as well - a flame is used on all layers.   Once completed these have a glass-like finish which is ideal for those wishing a more modern artwork, totally different than anything else. Each painting unable to be reproduced, as each is unique in its own special way.





New Zealand scenes make a superb 'different' gift for others - or ... treat yourself.

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prints of paintings and photographs

jennifer cruden prints of New Zealand

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 Hunua Falls photograph

En plein air

'En plein air' is French for 'in the open air', particularly used to describe plein air painting.  Having recently taken up this way of painting, have found myself challenged. There is a need to paint fast in order to 'capture the light' with shadows and light disappearing so quickly.

Not for the faint hearted. plein air painting certainly challenges the painter, not only with the type of paint used to paint out in the open, but also having to cope with the environment, including flies, mosquitoes, bugs, cold, wind, rain, heat, onlookers and lack of facilities. Not to mention the equipment to be transported.

A plein air group has been set up in Auckland as well as a facebook page specifically for New Zealand 'en plein air' paintings.