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Pauline &  Henry

our marriage
Saturday, 1st June 2017

“You all know us. And we know you. The two of us have met again after meeting so many years ago.  In love, happy.
and now living in New Zealand - looking forward to our future together. ”

Pauline and Henry Ashton


Wedding Ceremony - 4:00pm

Wedding Dinner - 5:00pm.


Scott Road, Papakura

Auckland, New Zealand

the signing
pauline signing
henry signing


doria signing
volka signing

Our Wedding Day

henry and pauline


pauline and henry the rings

the rings

pauline and henry

its done

pauline and henry

our future


Volka, Doria, Henry, Pauline and brother.

volka, doria, henry, pauline and brother


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Happiness and love
be with us always

On the day


and then - surpise ...

You won't believe what happened to us - something we will definitely remember. Even though our wedding day was special, this just added to our remembrance of that day.   Took us by surprise, and we survived intact!

pauline and henry - after the surprise


A day forever in our memories

our friends
doria and pauline and henry with a kiss
our friends together on our day


Henry and Pauline - husband and wife - looking to a wonderful future together.