Having a passion in painting with oils, both in the studio as well as the challenge of painting outdoors on location - en plein aire.   Another love is that of painting with resin, producing bright, contemporary style modern artwork.   Ideally suited to the modern homes of today.

Images may be from recollections of places visited and paintings will develop. Occasionally a photograph which had been taken personally be used as a starting point, then re-arrangement/additions to this are undertaken. As a consequence, once completed, the artwork may have a familiarity of somewhere recognisable, yet not quite being the same.

Loving nature and the animals/wildlife around us, total enjoyment is had when out painting at a location away from the populated areas, where the sound of waves and birds are undisturbed. To watch the sea come in to shore and then recede may be 'boring and totally not understandable' to others, however, to myself it is part of becoming one with the world around us and the miraculous planet we have been given to both enjoy and look after.



Paintings - resin

Totally opposite to the oils, artwork involving resin is very modern and contemporary in nature, many of the ocean. When painting with resin, one needs to wear protective clothing, including facemask. During the working time a flame and torch are also used. Many different mediums may be incorporated, including mica and gold in either powder form or flakes.

The completed painting has a glass-like finish which is ideal for those wishing a more modern item, totally different than anything else. Each painting unable to be reproduced, as each is unique in its own special way.

image of painting of New Zealand artwork

image of painting of New Zealand artwork

Paintings - oils

Oil paintings are intended to take viewers to a world of peace and tranquility, long past - to a world away from today's exceedingly fast and complex environment, to a time prior to the intrusion of man.

Undertaken in a more traditional manner, with many layers applied, each layer needing to dry, prior to applying the next, consequently taking days to dry dependant upon thickness or colour of paint. Palette knives are also utilised.

paintings - 'en plein air'

Loving to paint out on location - en plein air. This is a French term often used to describe the act of painting outside ie example 'out in the open air'.

Not as easy as it sounds, many find this type of painting just not for them, either being too difficult or preferring to paint inside from photographs.


plein air painting of Gladstone Bridge in Australia

The paintings are intended to take viewers to places of peace and serenity, to a time prior to the intervention of man, being of the natural area surrounding everyone, without any man-made structures.

Paintings have been purchased by many corporate organisations as well as private individuals around the globe and New Zealand. Amongst these are oil companies in Texas, a castle in Britain, wedding in Hong Kong, corporate office in Tokyo, home in the Hampton's, beach front penthouse on the Gold Coast, luxury liner, business office in the Cayman Islands, London solicitors, as well as large medical insurers and solicitors in New Zealand.

Commissions -

Should you wish to have a special painting to be undertaken, then this is able to be completed for you. Perhaps requiring a certain size? If so, then please do contact me and we can discuss your requirements. If appropriate, and you are local, then a meeting at your home may be suitable.