Jennifer Cruden - Oil Paintings, Resin Art + Digital Designs

This page tells a little 'about' my art. My oils are undertaken traditionally with oils, either in the studio or out and about on location (en plein air).
My resin art consists of resin wall art as well as resin homeware. Resin has a mind of its own, thereby being a very challenging medium, as many layers may be applied requiring a live torch/flame over each layer.

image of pohutukawa oil painting on wall of house


My oil paintings are intended to take viewers to a world of peace and tranquility - to a world long past and away from today's exceedingly fast and complex environment, to a time prior to the intrusion of man.

Undertaken in a traditional manner, many layers being applied, and waiting for each layer to dry prior to painting the next layer. Paint is applied with both brushes and painting knives. Consequently due to the time layers take to dry, this is a lengthy process. Once dry, a final protective finish is applied. Commissions accepted.

I take workshops in oils, as well as one-on-one sessions. See my Learning page for more details.

studio art

painting in Australia en plein air image


The words 'en plein aire' are French are mean to paint in the open air. My oil paintings which undertaken out on location may be completed either fully when on site, or if not completed I may travel back again to do so. Or, at other times, may decide to add to and finalise back in the studio, left to dry and then finishing touches/additions added. Producing a final artwork.

Loving to paint this way, in the open air, with the sound of water lapping onto the beach, seagulls chattering and just being away from the city. Plein Air is growing in popularity and yes, it is difficult when starting out, but oh so very worthwhile.

en plein air paintings

About resin paintings image of aerial seascape


Using two liquids. One working with the other, acting as a catalyst. Mixing needs to be undertaken quickly and special resin pigments (colours) are added which may include the use of various powders, pastes and metal pigments in golds/coppers/bronzes/silvers plus more. Protective clothing plus a full face mask are required.

When undertaking, a live torch/flame is applied producing various effects. Paintings may entail many layers of resin, the end result being shiny and glass-like. Having a modern/contemporary finish, means framing is not required therfore making these ideal for today's modern contemporary homes.

resin art



image of digital artwork of beetle


This must be the artist/designer in me, as I am so in love with designing digital work. One never quite knows exactly what will emerge. An image is able to be saved and reworked to produce something entirely different than the original item.

From images of the galaxy, florals even through to insects - all digital designs are an enjoyment of the 'never knowing'.

Digital Designs